見えないところを簡単に“見える化” 品質向上に強力サポート
“X-ray magnifier” shows easily what you can’t see Supports the quality improvement strongly

1.5M pixels high resolution image sensor that is 2μm in 10 t imes of expansion.

20×20μmの画素を横1500x縦10001こ並べた150万画素のCCDセンサと小型マイクロフォーカスX線源の組み合 わせにより、10倍拡大時lこ2μmの分解能でHDTV並みの高精細画像で撮影。

Combined with am iniature CCD sensor that is 15 00x 1 0 00 pixels and each sensor size is 20x 2 0μm. and the small Micro Focus X-ray source,it has 2μm resolution of large machine level at 10 times magnification It realized the high-resolution image in the large size screen like the HDTV

It is kind to the earth in the lead free and the ultra-Iow power consumption (150W) .


It isn’t using the lead-metal except the shielding glass Also. the using electric power is kind to the earth at the ultra-Iow consumption at 150W

Simple operation with Joy Pad and the mouse on PC basis.


It is possible to operate it easily with the joy-pad and the mouse on PC. Also the image data can be stored in the hard disk of PC which enable easy information sharing and retrieval

Open design concept allow for maximum sample handling.


Designed with a large special cover glasses on the top window and the front door, for full view of sample to be analyzed. It incorporated a built-in cross laser line marlくerto ease manipulation samples

Tilting table about 17degrees for both right and left side.


Capability to change the Z-axis height of right and left side, thus ability to get information of overlapping positions The table angle can be varied plus or minus 17degrees

Built-in electric zoom and tilting function


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